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    About the concept..

    What do we do?

    As we are travel addicts, we wanted to be able to travel by meeting amazing people (as in hostels) and being completely free about our destinations and schedule (as in a van) and the closest possible of local cultures (like hitchhiking). So we created MagicBus.

    The concept is simple: it is a school bus turned into a moving hostel. MagicBus can welcome up to 8 travellers on board, to discover Europe off the beaten track.

    A MagicTrips is a several-month roadtrip that you can book on a weekly basis. You’ll be picked up in city A and drop off, a week later, in city B. In order to leave room for spontaneity, the different stops of the week are not defined in advance. It is the travellers on board who create together their journey (based on our suggestions or travellers suggestions (yours!)). 

    We also propose privatization. If you wish to book the bus for you and your family/friends, it is possible! Tell us your dream, and we’ll make it come true: destinations, activities, etc… we can organise the perfect personalized trip! 

    Human experience

    If MagicBus was one thing, it would be a human experience. Whether it be with travellers from all over the world, or with local farmers, the human experience is guaranteed !  


    MagicBus is about meeting locals and learn as much as possible about their culture. We often park in beautiful farm, and spend the evening with the farmers. It always make incredible deep talks and good memories for our travellers. 


    Be spontanious ! MagicBus is not a cruise. Except from our departure and arrival point of the week, everything is possible! No plan is the plan.

    (of course, we have suggestions but nothing is fixed). 



    MagicBus can go anywhere at any time! You have all the keys to build an amazing journey with the travellers on board. 

    About the bus..

    How we do it ?

    MagicBus is a 12 meters long bus. It was initially a white school bus of Charente Maritime and it happens to be a movie star (but we never knew which one..). And NOW… we’ve turned it into a very comfy HOME! ☕️

    You wonder what you can do in the bus ?

    • You can poo ;
    • You can shower  -with hot water and a view!!- ;
    • You can sleep comfy -yes, we also provide sheets- ;
    • You can cook whatever you like -with our oven, cooking plates, fridge-;
    • You can chill in the living room;
    • You can play board games or outside games;
    • You can admire the view on the rooftop;
    • You can drink a nice tea (or fresh beer 😇) while recreating the world with your travel mates.
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      They tested MagicBus !

      • Very welcoming and friendly. This bus offers very good and unforgettable moments of sharing. The concept is original and well realized. Congratulations! I highly recommend it!

        Nathalie A.
      • Lisette managed to transform her bus with great taste and cleverness. Traveling and staying inside in the Gers was very pleasant, as well as being an original experience! She takes care to inform herself about the region, suggesting visits, activities or walks, which are then determined with the other travelers.
        All this with good mood, good music and good meals. I really enjoyed travelling with Lisette, who drives her house well!

        Laétitia B.
        Solo traveller
      • I spent a great weekend in the Gers with the MagicBus. Lisette offers an original, friendly and really exotic vacation format. All this in a beautiful bus, I recommend it !

        Bastien Curutchet
      • With Lisette and her MagicBus we had a great weekend in the Gers despite the troubled period with the COVID. The privatization of the bus with a circle of known friends allows to be serene. Moreover the concept allows conviviality, flexibility and sharing with the local actors. Lisette, our guide, was impressive in her calm and serenity and her driving was very reassuring. She also manages the relations with the farms where we stay at night. In short, a beautiful concept, a young girl soothing and entrepreneurial. Positive energy in these troubled times !

        Christian C.
      • A beautiful adventure in Ariège, with a discovery of the region, beautiful meetings and sharing all along my weekend. This youth hostel bus is really amazing. Everything is made to feel comfortable. The owner “Lisette” of magicbusworld is very human, she will surprise you with her kindness as well as her welcome.
        I will come back Lisette. Thank you for everything.

      • Great weekend with friends. Lisette led this weekend in a wonderful way, change of scenery, conviviality, discovery… everything was there. The bus is comfortable, practical: we let ourselves be guided and led, a real letting-go. Bravo and thank you Lisette, we will come back!

        Véronique A.
      • Excellent experience with the Magic Bus, Lilly found us really nice and adapted activities. I had an unforgettable experience that I will repeat in the coming months 🙂

        Louis D.

      They talked about us!

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